Anonymous asked:

opinion on the unlimited fruit diet?

rachaeldee answered:

alright i’m actually gonna answer this one because i’ve gotten it a few times and this is something that grinds my gears, as a highly logical person. so strap in.

our bodies are physical entities. as such, they obey the laws of physics, and in particular the laws of thermodynamics. this is why we are predictable. metabolism is as predictable as the free fall speed of gravity, which is why those seemingly arbitrary calculators you plug your height/weight/age into come very close to accurately pinpointing your body’s energy use. it’s the same reason i can use the laws of motion to predict a car’s velocity.

because these aren’t debatable aspects of our physiology or physical universe. they’re facts. okay so moving on from that basis:

the premise of the “unlimited calories from fruit and you won’t gain weight” is inherently false, because a unit of energy is a unit of energy. i don’t care if you’re eating bricks, or leaves, or fruit, or gnawing on wood all day. i don’t care if it’s carbs, or fats, or protein. if your body is successfully digesting and converting it to energy, and you’re taking in more energy than you’re using, you gain weight. 

okay so, then how come some people claim anecdotally that unlimited fruit won’t make you gain weight? well, fruit it is mostly water. it is high volume and low cal. so it is feasible that the diet could seem “unlimited” (keyword being SEEM) in the sense that there is literally only so much fruit that one human can physically fit into their stomach in a day for digestion, and it is possible that the total calorie intake of that maximum quantity is equal to or less than what they burn in a day. in this case they would maintain or lose weight. but it’s also very feasible (and very likely) that it could be more than what they’re burning in a day, in which case without adequate exercise to compensate for the excess, they will gain weight. fact.

do i have a problem with people who only eat fruit? nope nope. whatever floats your boat. i will juggle oranges with you, friend. but i do have a problem with people who say they eat only fruit and ignorantly claim that in doing so they somehow sidestep the laws of physics. 

*gets off soap box*